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A Little About Us

The name Raffreka is derived from the Italian word Raffinato, and means design in our local language. Inspired by the creative minds of Italian artisans, we aim to bring an interpretation of our very own illustrated through the art of furniture making. Started off as Moroso brand, built exclusively by T.H.L Sofa Sdn. Bhd., a company founded by Heng Yong Lai, we started as a small manufacturer of leather sofas which soon become well known for its excellent quality standards, impeccable workmanship, premium materials, and an extensive range of colors, designs as well as models. Slowly throughout the years, T.H.L established itself as a major national player in the furniture industry in Malaysia and has now earned a mark of recognition in the international market too.



We are consistently improving and fine-tuning our craftsmanship in order to produce the best-desired quality. We attribute the value and recognition of our name to the level of satisfaction we are able to deliver to our clients in a consistent manner and thank them for their continuous support of our brand.

Precision and careful calculation goes into every cut, joint, fold, curve, crease and stitch, so that the final product is a seamless harmony of visual appeal and practical comfort.


Only the best and finest materials are used, be it the leather, the wood or the internal frame that is used to craft a piece of luxury furniture. We use quality materials that are durable. This goes for what you see on the surface and what you don’t, what lies within the sofa. We do so because we believe our clients deserve nothing but the best.


Our products under the Raffreka brand indicate premium leather furniture. Establishing our core advantages has made our name a synonym to the term Luxury, but at a much cheaper price. We strive for perfection in every piece we make by paying attention from the biggest ideas to the smallest details.



Give your lifetsyle an uplift with utility and grandeur. The most accessible piece of furniture in your living space deserves lasting comfort and the flexibility of arrangement to fit the occassion.


Complete your lounging needs with First Class experience. Designed with great emphasis on the importance of comfortability without sacrificing the aesthetics, Recliners are one of our all-time best sellers.



A true luxurious design crowns you as the ruler of your space. The beauty of our Chesterfield pieces embodies its historical value and beauty that withstood the test of time, and can lux up any space meant for executive decisions or personal indulgence.


Raffreka practices the idea of “Less is More”. We add a touch of minimalism design adored by Urban consumers and employ uncomplicated production designs to ensure smoother maintenance if ever required.



From minimalistic to cutting-edge dramatic designs, our product variations cover all your seating needs through function and comfort. Looking to outfit your living space? Contact us to find the set of chairs that accommodate your style and needs.

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind”

Johannes Brahms


NO. 25, PT 145360, OFF JALAN SERAMIK CHEPOR 11/1, PUSAT SERAMIK FASA 2, Chepor Malaysia 31200


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