Our Quality


Wood Selection

We source for the ideal furniture wood to build the frames of our durable and gorgeous pieces. One of the main criterias of wood selection is the hardness, differentiated by species and age. Resistant to scratches and dents, the right hardwood maintain its original form even beyond years of usage.

Quality Screening

Give customers a reason to do business with you.Every material goes through inspection checkpoints along our production line. Professional skepticism is important to ensure product standards that can withstand daily and prolonged use. Our team drills all the way down (sometimes literally) to the most minute details to deliver our promises.

Strong Research Team

We put in substantial effort to keep one step ahead of trends. Gathering data from the frontlines and effective  implementation allows us to make product adjustments swiftly to market changes without forgoing our promise of quality and affordability. Sourcing and testing at every stage is vital, hold together by the team’s shared vision and bond.

Imported Genuine Premium Leather

It may not be immediately discernible to the untrained eye, but the smooth sheen and finish of Top Grain Leather proves its worth through the passage of time. As a natural product, each piece of leather has its own uniqueness of natural distinctive characteristics, giving the leather its originality.

High Quality Seating System

Style can be imitated but comfort is an elusive quality. The screws, nuts, bolts, levers and springs that enable the functional benefits of comfort are meticulously made to order, and tried and tested before they are fitted. Obsession and perfection shares a blurred line when it comes to the core of our products.